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jaZZ & beyond Improvised Music Festival 2018: Individualism

Zohar Fresco Quartet

29 October 2016 time 20:00 | Chorzowskie Centrum Kultury, ul. Sienkiewicza 3, Chorzów

Zohar Fresco - percussion, vocals, composition ;

Tomer Bar - piano ;

Mark Moshayev - percussion ;

Christos Barabas Ney - vocals, flutes

Ticket: 40 zł

Zohar Izhak Fresco is known as a pioneer of the tof miriam, the ancient frame drum originated in the Middle East more than three thousand years ago.

Born in Israel to a family with deep roots in Turkey and as a descendant of Tamburi Izhak Fresco, remarkable, well known Jewish Turkish composer who lived in 18th-19th centuries, Zohar was drawn to music at an early age and revealed a major influence of the music of his origins.

Fresco understood the great value and the wide musical range that exists in the tof miriam and dedicated his life to the development of a new fingering technique and a unique musical language by the name MANEGINA. In doing so Fresco created his own drumming style and became a mentor to musicians all over the world who followed him, learned the secrets of his musical method and adapted his drumming style in their musical work.

With the Turkish compositions in his backbones, the intersection of music from the Middle East appeared to carry multiple of fruits. In his numerous original compositions Zohar Fresco expresses a new Middle Eastern style. He draws his inspiration from musicians originated in Asia, Mediterranean as well as from collaborations with musicians from various cultures.

As an appealing performer, Zohar Fresco’s solo concerts present his original compositions based on vocal and drums the fascinating combination which is considered as the earliest music form.

Fresco is the co-founder of the well known Arabs & Jews ensemble Bustan Abraham and in the last few years he has been part of an international jazz trio with Leszek Mozdzer and Lars Danielsson with whom he toured the world and recorded three albums. Other co-operations include outstanding musicians all over the world.