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jaZZ & beyond Improvised Music Festival 2016:
"Open Space and Imagination - Modern Forms of Jazz Music"


29 September 2013 time 20:00 | Jazz Club Hipnoza, Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2, 40-032 Katowice

Uri Caine - piano

Han Bennink - drums

Tickets: 30 zł

In 2012, Han Bennink and Uri Caine released a CD called Sonic Boom which was a recording of a live concert they gave at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. The duo plays original music composed by Uri and Han as well as free improvisations and spontaneous compositions.

Han Bennink has long been known for his creative and groundbreaking approach to playing drums and is an integral part of the innovative Dutch scene.
Uri Caine is a New York based keyboardist and composer who has played many forms of Jazz and improvised music throughout his career .
Together they are known as Sonic Boom and their music is exciting,unpredictable and dynamic.