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jaZZ & beyond Improvised Music Festival 2018: Individualism

Tymański Yass Ensemble

27 November 2016 time 19:00 | Sala widowiskowo - koncertowa "Muza", Warszawska 2, 41-200 Sosnowiec

Tymon Tymański - bass
Antoni "Ziut" Gralak - trumpet
Szymon Burnos - piano, keyboards
Irek Wojtczak - sax
Michał Ciesielski - sax
Roman Ślefarski - drums

Ticket: 30 zł

Double bass player, guitarist, bass guitarist and composer. Born on September 30, 1968 in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz is a double bass player, guitarist, bass guitarist and composer.

He began his musical education at the age of eight with private lessons in classical guitar and was the leader of a band during primary school. In 1984 he founded Sni Sredstvom Za Uklanianie, a new wave group inspired by Joy Division where he sang and played the bass guitar. In 1986 he began studying English Philology at Gdańsk University. In the meantime, he worked with non-formal avant garde group Totart.

He is a creator of the term Yass (an alternative movement of Polish jazz which was developed in Trójmiasto). In 1988 he founded the group Miłość which was acclaimed as the best Polish acoustic jazz band of the year four times in a row and proclaimed the most interesting group of the decade by the readers' and critics' poll of Jazz Forum Magazine. In 1992 he founded the group Kury; its second recording album P.O.L.O.V.I.R.U.S. gained many prizes: the Fryderyk Prize and Machiner 1998.

Tymon Tymański was the co-founder of the band Tymon i Trupy, Czan, NRD, The Users, Masło and TV programs Dzyndzylyndzy and Brzóska Show. He played in films Segment'76 and Wesele. He founded alternative record label Biodro Records and composed music to films like Lubaszenko's Sztos and Smażowski's Wesele and for theatre. In 2001 he published a mini-novel Chłopi 3 written together with the poet Zbigniew Sajnóg and was awarded a Passport of Polityka Magazine for the whole creative output. In 2004 his two groups Tymon & The Transistors and Tymański Yass Ensemble with Antoni Gralak recorded their debut records in the studio of Biodro Rec. For the soundtrack to the movie Wesele he received the prize of Polish Film Academy Orzeł 2005 and the Gold Duck of the Film magazine.


  • Miłość
  • Kury, Czan
  • NRD
  • Tymon i Trupy
  • Masło, Poganie
  • The Users
  • Tymański Yass Ensemble
  • Tymon & The Transistors

Selected discography:

  • Miłość: "Miłość" (Gowi Records, 1993)
  • Miłość: "Taniec Smoka" (Gowi Records, 1994)
  • Miłość & Lester Bowie: "Not Two"(Gowi Records, 1995)
  • Miłość: "Asthmatic" (Gowi Records, 1996)
  • Miłość: "Soundtrack to the movie 'Sztos'" (Gowi Records, 1997)
  • Miłość & Lester Bowie "Talkin' About Life And Death" (Biodro Records, 2000)
  • Kury: "Kablox - Niesłyna Histaria" (Music Corner, 1995)
  • Kury: "P.O.L.O.V.I.R.U.S." (Biodro Records, 1998)
  • Kury: "Napijmy Się Oleju" (EP, Biodro Records, 2000)
  • Kury: "100 Lat Undergroundu" (Biodro Records, 2001)
  • Tymon i Trupy: 'Songs For Genpo' (Music Corner, 1995)
  • Czan: 'Samsara' (Biodro Records, 1999)
  • Tymon & The Transistors: 'Wesele' (BMG, 2003)
  • Tymon & The Transistors: 'Don't Panic! We're From Poland' (Biodro Records, 2007)
  • Tymański Yass Ensemble: 'Jitte'(Tone Industria, 2004; Biodro Records, 2007 - re-edition)