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jaZZ & beyond Improvised Music Festival 2018: Individualism

Więcek / Gawęda Special Project feat. Ralph Alessi [USA/GER/PL]

12 November 2016 time 19:00 | Zespół Pieśni i Tańca "Śląsk" im. Stanisława Hadyny - sala widowiskowa w Pawilonie im. E. Kamińskiej, ul. Zamkowa 3, 42-286 Koszęcin

Więcek/Gawęda Special Project feat. Ralph Alessi [USA/GER/PL]

Ralph Alessi - trąbka [USA]

Kuba Więcek - saksofon  [PL]

Mateusz Gawęda - fortepian [PL]

Max Mucha - Kontrabas [PL]

Moritz Baumgärtner - perkusja [GER]

Ticket: 15 zł

Project led by polish copenhagen-based saxophone player Kuba Więcek and cracow-based piano player Mateusz Gawęda. During Kuba’s last visit in New York City he had a chance to meet one of the greatest american trumpet players - Ralph Alessi. This meeting led to organising a tour and a recording that will happen in November 2016. Music written for this project by Mateusz and Kuba pays respect to their tradition as well as shows their fascination to the american jazz music. They’ve also decided to hire one of the most in demand rhythm sections in Europe - Max Mucha on doublebass and berlin-based drummer Moritz Baumgärtner.

Kuba Więcek - alto saxophonist, composer. Originally from Poland. Student of the Rhytmic Music Conservatorium in Copenhagen. He started playing saxophone at the age of 11. His playing is influenced by jazz, folk and classical music. He studied with such a jazz greats as Lee Konitz, David Binney, Dick Oatts, Logan Richardson, Steve Lehman, Chris Speed, Peter Evans, Jim Black and many more.  He played concerts in Denmark, France, Latvia, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, England, Latvia and the United States.

Mateusz Gaweda - Graduate of the Krakow Academy of Music, where he studied jazz piano under Dr. Joachim Mencel. Co-founder of the groups Pezda/Gawęda Duo, Mateusz Gawęda Trio, PeGaPoFo and Cracow Jazz Collective, whose repertoire primarily consists of his own original compositions. Worked and performed with numerous renowned Polish and foreign jazz musicians, such as Billy Hart, Rusty Jones, Walter Smith III, Kazimierz Jonkisz, Leszek Żądło, Janusz Muniak and many others. Recipient of the My Polish Heart Artistic Foundation grant in 2012, and was given a cultural grant by the city of Andrychów in 2013.