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jaZZ & beyond Improvised Music Festival 2018: Individualism

Anna Gadt Quartet (feat. RGG TRIO)

08 October 2016 time 19:00 | Centrum Kultury Jazovia, ul. Rynek 10, 44-100 Gliwice

Anna Gadt - voice, composer

Łukasz Ojdana - piano

Maciej Garbowski - bass

Krzysztof Gradziuk - drums

Ticket: 30 zł    

Anna Gadt defines herself as a singing musician expressing itself through sound, word and silence. As a composer she uses silence not only as a pause, but most of all as the key moment of creation. Depth of her voice and brilliant technique help her in searching for unusual sounds.

Anna Gadt was born in Poland, a country "in-between" the East and West. And so she feels like being an in- betweener, combining both a Slavic temperament and melancholy within her work. This charismatic vocalist, whose voice is filled with nostalgia and longing, is assisted by a trio (RGG Trio): Lukasz Ojdana - piano, Maciej Garbowski - Bass, Krzysztof Gradziuk - drums.
The band insists on a sonorist approach to music, which focuses not on exposing technology, but on the sonic properties of the music.
Anna Gadt as a composer and songwriter expresses herself through color, silence and space, apart from the conventional means of sounds and words. She channels her creativity through broadly defined improvised music, in which spontaneity and freedom of expression are overriding objectives.

She is not an easy artist to describe. Her characteristic features may actually seem contradictory: gentleness, restless soul, mystery, sensitivity, as well as a strong personality and a sense of humour. In her music, Slavic origins interlace with European inspirations. Improvised music is what fascitates her most.
In her music, she oscillates in an intriguing way between singing, whispering and talking. In inprovisation, she’s not afraid to use her voice in an unusual way.